UK petroleum products market forecasts to 2020
Extensive research and demand forecast modelling is carried out for major infrastructure providers to assess the changes in demand patterns in the UK downstream market. Clients require an understanding of the market's development and its current structure, together with modal movements of products from refineries and import terminals to ultimate end-user.

Demand curves to 2020 are projected including internal and external market influences, the effect of Governmental taxation and Environmental policy, for each of the main petroleum products. Base case forecasts developed from Department for Trade and Industry statistics, are extrapolated with modelling techniques and subjected to sensitivity testing.

This study also focuses on mergers and acquisitions within the UK oil industry, and the possibility of further rationalisations and refinery closures during the next 20 years. We measure the impact of hypermarkets in fuel retailing, and product demand changes due to an increasing switch to diesel-powered cars.

Recipients of these studies are able to revise their strategic long-terms view of the marketplace, using robust sensitivity analysis. Furthermore, they are equipped to position their organisations to exploit the opportunities arising from the changes in product demand, as the UK moves towards being a large importer of petroleum products by 2020.