Split Compartment Deliveries
The Institute of Petroleum published these guidelines in December 2001 detailing procedures for splitting the delivery of the contents of a road tanker compartment between different storage tanks at petrol filling stations. The procedures minimise the risk of vapour emissions other than from the service station vent pipe.

“Offloading procedures for Split Compartment Deliveries of Petrol between
Service Station Tanks” by clicking here

Warm Fuel
Deliveries of warm fuel to service stations, and the consequential “loss” of product is an emotive issue. Misconceptions abound, and popular myth overtakes scientific fact when discussing the expansion and contraction of fuel with temperature changes. In 1999, the National Weights and Measures Laboratory commissioned a report into temperature changes on fuel in the supply chain from refinery to service station, and published a series of voluntary recommendations. If you want to get the facts behind temperature compensation, then this comprehensive report is essential reading.

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