We advise large oil distributors, who wish to review their purchasing strategy and competitiveness of contracts. Consultancy Solutions provide a benchmarked analysis of supply contract terms against industry standards and developed scenarios for the future on stock cover.

We assist management in identifying areas of concern in their purchasing, and propose mechanisms for tracking and monitoring of price competivity. Quantitative evaluation of cost input savings are prepared, and Consultancy Solutions assist in the implementation of policy to regularise contract supply positions with suppliers.

We also advise smaller distributors on their tanker distribution costs, by benchmarked-comparisons across a sample group and against industry best-practice. We ensure both a transparency of data whilst preserving the commercial confidences of each participant in the benchmarking.

Data is updated monthly, to ensure a real-time response, such that data outputs from Consultancy Solutions can be enacted upon by management to correct cost drift and improve distribution efficiencies in the same quarter period as they occur.